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static website development made easy

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Not every website is complicated. They don't all need a database and content management system. There have even been times when I used a more complicated framework just because it allowed me to stay DRY (don't repeat yourself) by eliminating duplicated code across pages. For example, if each page has a common header and footer, I don't want to be editing every file when the header needs to change. Duh.

I was pleased to find a simple tool called Hyde, a static website generator. Hyde lets me write smart code and then generate static pages for publishing. Here is how the Hyde website describes itself:

Hyde is a static website generator written in python... Hyde desires to fulfill the lofty goal of removing the pain points involved in creating and maintaining static websites.

When you combine Hyde with Fabric for scripting tasks such as deploying to a server, you've got one fantastic setup for developing a simple, static website.

Hyde static website generator

measure, build, measure

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the data

I love success stories and it is especially gratifying when I can be a part of them. The data is in and a particular project yielding a 300% increase in goal conversions which in this case are visitor form submissions requesting more information. It goes to show that clean simple design can yield real results.